Breaking the Great Firewall of China: Sentinel dVPN and SOCKS5

What’s the Problem?

  • To circumvent the ban of popular VOIP services by all Middle-Eastern governments.
  • To circumvent “The Great Firewall of China.” A content blocking service launched by the Chinese Government
  • To bypass Egypt’s OpenVPN ban
  • To use/communicate via Telegram, a messaging app that’s banned in Russia

A history of internet regulation in China

Censorship Challenges

  • Constant monitoring of company traffic, including business secrets and delicate information by the government.
  • Companies are forced to hire proofreaders to check content published and remove sensitive information.
  • No means to communicate securely from Chinese mainland due to the blockage of VPNs.
  • Auto-blocking of keywords by the ministry of telecom, thereby preventing SEO.
  • The Government monitors citizen’s conversations (which only take place on allowed channels such as Weibo). Censors who monitors this data and quickly delete controversial data and keywords. A study conducted in 2011 reported this number at 16% of all conversations!
  • China censors events that threaten the government such as the Urumqi riots of 2009 and the death of the Human rights activist Liu Xiaobo. China maintains no records of these events via regular channels.
  • Discussion forums, which are entirely different from social media, are often shut down.
  • Searching for banned keywords such as “the Great Firewall of China” may shut down your connection at anytime and prevent re-establishing the connection for several minutes.

The need for a viable solution to centralized VPN (cVPN)

How does the Sentinel dVPN work?

Restricted sites are blocked by China’s Great Firewall.
Using Sentinel SOCKS5, the user is able to bypass the Great Firewall.

First network of SOCKS5 Proxy Servers on the Blockchain


  • To alleviate the speed drop of VPNs
  • To access and maintain persistent connections to destinations on the clear and dark web

Freedom from geographic localization

  • To be able to access region-specific content on various streaming services
  • To be able to work on content using the same

Application specific access

  • You may configure SOCKS5 proxies to route traffic of specifically one application or can be configured for the entire system
  • Due to the support of protocols other than HTTP(S), SOCKS5 works with protocols like UDP and is fast during p2p UDP-based communication/file exchange.

Proxy Servers for speed and geographic independence

Advantages of a SOCKS5 based VPN over a regular VPN

  • Speed due to dedicated tunnel and port. You may switch the message sending protocol in real-time for the same.
  • Less interference from ISP’s and third parties.

How Sentinel takes SOCKS5 further?

  1. The main flaw in SOCKS5 encryption that it creates a single point of failure: the proxy server that you connect to may fail.
  2. Another flaw in SOCKS5 encryption is that though the data isn’t visible, the volume of traffic is still visible to third parties.
Sentinel SOCKS5 under testing.

Advantages of Sentinel’ SOCKS5 VPN over regular VPN

  • Blazing speed advantages of SOCKS5
  • The trust-less, failure proof, distributed nature of blockchain technology
  • Sentinel’s industry-leading, proven, encryption protocols
  • Growing network of international SOCKS5 nodes
Sentinel’s SOCKS5 offers many advantages over traditional OpenVPN.
  1. People who wish to torrent and use peer to peer file sharing securely
  2. Users preferring speed & bandwidth primarily
  3. People wishing to view their favorite content streaming services while traveling
  4. People wishing to mask their actual location like whistle-blowers, journalists, activists and anyone that cares about privacy in general
  5. Users wishing to keep their ISP’s and malicious websites away from snooping on their data


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