Sentinel’s Insightful AMA — 26th February, 2019.

Complete walk-through of the Sentinel Desktop App v0.1.0 fir Windows
Sneak peek of the Sentinel Desktop App v0.1.1 which is currently under development. New features will be announced soon!
Preview of Sentinel dChat aka Sentrix, the second Service on the Sentinel Network after the dVPN

Q1) Lets start off by asking what exactly is Sentinel Network?

Q2: So it is its own blockchain? Is it based on a fork of another project?

Q3: There are 3 Sentinel tokens on the market. Have you guys thought of rebranding?

Q4: I did some research on Cosmos and saw that you guys were early adopters of Tendermint and will potentially be one of the first projects to launch once cosmos goes mainnet. Could you explain why the team chose Cosmos/Tendermint?

Q5: Why is governance so important for you guys (reason why you built on Tendermint very early)?

Q6: Could you perhaps explain the value proposition for building on Tendermint?

Q7: How much was raised for the project? How does the group/company sustain itself?

Q8: As of today, how complete is the project?

Q9: That’s very smart focusing on enterprise. How big is the team?

Q10: Lots of projects talk a big game in the space. Could you tell us about your execution, and maybe talk about your GitHub? Is it active?

Q11: Is there any effort being done in providing liquidity to token owners beyond the current exchange? Hitbtc is not the most celebrated exchange around here.

Q12: What are current incumbent apps Sentinel Network is targeting to supplant? Are you guys trying to be the AWS of dApps?

Q13: Is there any use of the token beyond incentivising node providers?

Q14: There’s a tonne of failed projects in crypto with zombie tokens being traded. What is SENT’s thoughts on this?

Q15: Why are most of the team members anonymous? Isn’t there a concern that one of you goes rogue and compromise the whole network/layer?

Q16: I have asked all questions I have. Any parting words?

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